Finishing Up March

There was a sprint at the end, but I made it. I finished March with 10,489 words. Whoo hooo!

That puts me at 17,186 out of 100, 000 for the year. I have 82,814 words left to write. Yikes.

But it’s doable. That’s nine months left. I need to write 9,200 for the remaining months to reach my goal. Doable.

I can do this. I can do this. 

Well that was…horrible

What an exhausting week. I didn’t get any writing done all week, and I was fairly certain I was going to be let go on Friday.

I’m working as a fulltime temp for a distribution company. My assignment was estimated to be 3-5 months long. I’m currently in the fourth month, and expecting the assignment to end at any moment.

I’m a photo editor, and up until last year I had a full time, permanent, almost-comfortable position that I could rely on. Then the company I was working for at the time had a big layoff, and of course the photo editor wasn’t kept.

I bounced around for a bit, doing miscellaneous jobs, unable to support myself financially, using up all my savings, getting into a lot of debt and pulling money from retirement. Nothing stuck but finally I found my second photo editing gig at my current job. But like I said, this is a temporary assignment, and in a month or less I’ll probably be unemployed again, looking for whatever I could find.

Physically, it’s exhausting. Yesterday I came home at 5pm and was in bed by 6pm. I slept 10-14 hrs. That was due to how stressed I was on Friday while waiting for the axe to come down. But it’s not uncommon for me to sleep 10 hrs a night, due to some health issues that my doctor and I are aware of. I’ve got a lot of goals, pills to take, a passive aggressive Obamacare insurance plan, bad health, and very little energy.

But I’m up and moving today! I wrote 1070 words this morning, and it’s a great start to the day. I’ve got a couple other dozen things on my to do list (which honestly isn’t a good habit, try to juggle only 3-4 to do items at a time), and one of those items is applying for projects on eLance. I’m going to look for small projects, things I could do if my fulltime job continues the next month or two. But I need to get started. I need to get moving.

I pray to anything out there listening that I will have the energy and ability to pursue freelancing and writing at the same time. And hope and pray that I will be able to support myself and begin my journey as an author.

Plugins and Word Count

I was getting all ready to install a word count widget onto my sidebar. But apparently I can’t do that on Damn. Beginner mistakes. If or when I decide to move to my own domain and the full installation of WordPress, here’s a list of word count tools to remember, and another list, including some WordPress widgets. Which I am dying to try out, but oh well. The one that I’m using right now is the All Indie Writers word count HTML tool. It’s easy to add to a site: I just inserted the HTML code into a Text widget on my sidebar. I like this tool because it offers site, blog sidebar, and forum signature sizes. Cons: I have to go back to the All Indie Writers website every time I want to update the number count. Editing the HTML myself won’t accurately update this particular counter.